Part IV — The birthday of Dilip-da

The birthday of Dilip-da

I place my head at the Feet
Of the Absolute Lord Supreme.
I am now weaving a poem-garland
To offer to someone who is
A divinely and supremely high
Seeker, singer and poet.
Although I do now know
How to adore him,
I do know that his heart is all affection.
I wish to steal his heart
And I wish to hear his message divine.
Many great men and women
Of teeming virtues come to see him,
As in a pilgrimage.
I do not know how to offer my love,
Admiration and adoration to him.
The language of my silence-heart
How can I express in words?
I am only standing outside his heart-door
To salute him.
This poem, flooded with my admiration
And adoration, I offer for his birthday.
My heart is all eager
To conquer his affection.

— Chinmoy, 22nd January 1948