To live in the desire-world

To live in the desire-world is to live on tiptoe. How long can one live on tiptoe where anxiety, worry, tension, fear and doubt reign supreme? In the desire-world, the poison of the individual and the poison of the world, in secrecy supreme, kill each other. The world is killed by the individual’s poison and the world kills the individual with its poison. This poison comes into existence from jealousy, doubt and suspicion.

The only way one can stop living on tiptoe is to feel that one is God’s creation. The creation can never be neglected by the Creator. As ordinary human beings we do not destroy even a little painting that we have done. So how can God the Creator, whose creation is nothing but an exact image of His own Reality-Existence, destroy the world? Each individual has to feel that it is the need of the Supreme to create him, it is the need of the Supreme to sustain him, it is the need of the Supreme to fulfil him in a divine way.

To live on tiptoe is to forget one’s Source, who is also the Source of Light and Delight. To live on tiptoe is to consciously make friends with the negative, destructive world, the temptation-world, where worry, anxiety, fear and doubt run riot.

Instead of living on tiptoe, you can live in the very heart of the Lord’s divine Pride, provided you feel that it is your own duty, your sole duty, to cast aside your personal necessity and become one with your Beloved Supreme’s divine Necessity. Your own necessity is desire-bound, and when it is fulfilled, inside it destruction looms large. So if you want to find your true satisfaction, then find it at the right place: inside God’s Compassion-Height. That is the only place to discover your satisfaction-right.

You are following the path of spirituality. Your heart is all aspiration. In the life of aspiration you are preparing for a life of total surrender. You will not only surrender your aspiration-life and dedication-life, but also your desire-life, your ignorance-life, with equal joy, equal love, equal confidence, equal certainty. Only then will there be no necessity on your part to hide from God or to try to hide your thoughts from Him. You and your integral existence must always reside in the Supreme. This is the only way for you to become totally perfect and inseparably one with Eternity’s Vision-Light and Infinity’s Manifestation-Delight.

EA 69. 18 July 1977, 7:15 p.m. — in transit to Connecticut Sri Chinmoy Centre.