Part III: Connecticut Centre

Question: Why can't I see God inside me?

Sri Chinmoy: You can see God inside you. But you can't see Him right now because you are not crying, you are not flying. If you don't ask for something from your mother, she won't give you anything. If you do ask for something, your mother will always give it to you. So if you want to see God, it is best to look for Him. If you look for Him, then only will you see Him.

God is like the most beautiful child, the most beautiful jewel. He is inside your heart-room. There you have to look for Him. If you don't look for Him, how can you see Him? This Jewel is in one corner of your heart-room. If you search for it, then immediately you will find it. If you just look quickly into your room and say that God is not there, try to feel that He is there. Once you really look for Him, you will see Him.