Question: Is God in the sky?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, God is in the sky, and God is also on earth. Now, what is your sky, and what is your earth? Your sky is your head, and your earth is your feet. When you think of the sky, think of your head where God is; and when you think of earth, think of your feet, where God also is. You need both your feet and your head. If you don't have your feet, you can't walk. If you don't have a head, then you cannot exist; you will have no brain. Both are necessary, although God is in each. Your head is at one place and your feet are at another place. There should be something to connect them and that is your heart. The heart is the connecting link, the bridge. When you want to see God who is in your head, you can easily go from your feet to your head by crossing the safe bridge, the connecting link, which is your heart.