Question: How does Guru fly up to God?

Sri Chinmoy: Guru flies up to God by crying constantly. He cries to God to give him two wings. God gives him two wings and these two wings constantly carry him up. The name of one wing is 'love' and the name of the other wing is 'surrender'. He loves God and he surrenders to God's Wish and Will. When he loves God, God is pleased. When he surrenders to God, he says, "God, I want to fly, but make me fly only if it is Your Will, only if it is Your Wish." First he loves God, then he tell God he will fly only if it is God's Wish. Because he loves God, God will give him the capacity to fly. If you love God, then surrender your wish to Him. God will give you the capacity to fly to Him as he has given the capacity to your Guru.