Question: Who made God?

Sri Chinmoy: God Himself made God. God the Silence made God the Sound. Who is God the Silence? God the Silence is God the Dream. God the Sound is God the manifested Reality.

Who made God? God's Silence. God made Himself because He wished to enjoy. What was he going to enjoy? He was going to enjoy His universal Presence. That is to say, He wanted to enjoy His presence everywhere — inside everyone, inside everything. Why did He want that? He wanted that because if He enjoyed His presence everywhere, then one day the human beings he would create would also be able to enjoy His Presence.

When He was One, He was happy. But He wanted to become Many because He wanted to be happy in a different way. So in two ways He wanted to become happy. When we do something in one way, we are happy, but we may feel there is another way to do it. When God was alone, He created Himself alone, and He was happy. He thought that he should have some other way to become happy so He created Himself in many forms, in infinite countless forms.