Question: Guru, one thing that really often ruins my morning and my whole day is very negative feelings against one or two disciples. A few months ago you said to try to think of their divine qualities, but I haven't been able to do it successfully.

Sri Chinmoy: I am most proud of you for being sincere about your jealousy and undivine qualities. Now, please do this. If these particular disciples have good qualities, then please feel that you have those same qualities to an infinitely greater degree. The only thing is that right now those qualities have not come forward or the Supreme is not yet utilising those divine qualities in and through you. If they have good qualities which you do not see in your outer life, just feel that those qualities you do have, but it is not yet time for them to come forward. Or, in spite of the fact that you have those qualities, the Supreme feels that in your case, right now He does not want to use those qualities. He is using other good qualities which you have in His own Way.

If you feel that the bad qualities of these disciples are entering into you, then immediately use two weapons. One weapon is the weapon of compassion. Just say to yourself, "I feel sorry for them because they have such bad qualities." Each quality you can take as a heavy load on their shoulders. Tell yourself, "I am running the fastest, I am reaching my goal, and this poor fellow has a heavy load on his shoulders. I pity him. But again, I don't want to be a fool. I have to reach my goal. When the time comes, he will also reach his goal." In that way you can sympathise with him.

Then, if you want to have another weapon, feel that your time is very limited: "If I am using this second to think of this person or that person, then who is the fool? I am the fool. By thinking of them, I am not reaching my goal. Only I have now established my goal with them. If I am jealous of someone, then instead of running towards the real goal, I am now running towards a new, self-created goal. In my jealousy or in my negative thoughts, I have discovered my new goal."

As I told you before, when we run the fastest we don't look to this side or that side. Early in the morning if you think of another person, you have to know that the person whom you are thinking of is either beside you or behind you or around you, but he is not the goal itself. So if the person whom you are thinking of is not the goal, then you are a fool. You are just wasting your time by thinking of him. If that person is the goal, then you will not be jealous of him because your very aim is to reach the goal and become one with the goal. But naturally that person is not the goal. Otherwise, the frustration, the anger, the jealousy or the outer undivine qualities which have come into you would not have come. The goal will not give you negative, undivine thoughts. The goal will only bring you Peace, Light and Bliss. Since you are not getting these divine qualities from the other person, why should you think of him? Since your aim is to reach the goal and become one with the goal, you are a fool if you have to look at someone or think of someone who is not the goal itself.

Even a child will eat only the candy that pleases him most. You may put in front of him all kinds of candy, but he will pick only the one that he likes best. He won't take the other candies because he knows that they do not satisfy him.