Question: How can your spiritual children help one another to overcome jealousy and other undivine qualities?

Sri Chinmoy: You will not be able to conquer your jealousy by mixing with other people who are jealous. Only by loving the Supreme in me more will you be able to conquer your jealousy. You are jealous of someone because he is a great photographer. Again, he may be jealous of you because you are a great reporter. This jealousy will never end. But you have to know that there is a third party who is responsible for both of you and that is God, the Supreme. If you love Him and become one with Him, then you will also be able to identify yourself with the capacity of others. If first you want to identify yourself with someone who is displaying a particular capacity, then you are touching the branch and not the root. But if you become one with the Source of the capacity, then the question of jealousy does not arise. If you go to the root, there will be no problem; your ego will not resist. If you really want to conquer jealousy, then love the One who has given all capacities to you and to everyone. If you love God more, then jealousy goes away. Jealousy is very bad. The reason the world is not progressing as fast as it could is because of jealousy. Had there been no jealousy, then the world would have moved very fast. So, dear ones, you have to conquer your jealousy.