Question: Guru, do you ever feel depressed?

Sri Chinmoy: I don't feel depression for myself, but when I enter into you and identify myself with you, certainly I feel depression. I get all kinds of depression when I enter into you. When I meditate early in the morning, if I enter into someone and identify myself with him, I see that he is cursing me or crying for my head. If I identify myself with him, naturally I will become furious or depressed like he is. But again, if I identify myself with the person for a short time, I can transform his depression. Naturally, when I use my identification-power I get depressed, but then immediately I throw away that depression. To me personally, depression does not come. When you see me sad or depressed, you may think that it is because of my mission or my problems. But at that time what has actually happened? I have identified myself with someone. But this identification I do not keep for a long time.