Question: Guru, when you see our states of mind and our moods, do you see us as a sort of composite or average of what we were during the day, or do you see us as we are at that moment?

Sri Chinmoy: It is not like an average. Thirty percent of the time you can be depressed, thirty percent of the time you can be angry, and perhaps every other undivine quality you may have at different times during the day. But for one second if you have the soul's will, then you have to know that the strength of the soul's will is more powerful than all your fear, doubt and other negative qualities. If you have this will-power one percent of the time, then you can conquer all your depression and other undivine qualities. You may suffer for half an hour from depression, but if even for one second you can bring forward your soul's inner will-power, then you can easily nullify your depression.