Je Shuneche Taba Charaner Dhwani

Je shunechhe taba charaner dhwani je herechhe taba hasi
Swalpe tushta kemane se rabe tomare na bhalobasi
Patanga sama anale bhasma hai jadi deha pran
Tomar sakashe labhibo janani nishchoy ami sthan
Je paini taba kona parichoy se pare rahite bhule
Chena achenare ek sathe laho janani anke tule


He who has heard the sound of Your Footsteps,
He who has seen the Smile of Your Face,
How can he remain satisfied with little things
on earth,
How can he remain without loving You as his
very own?
Like an insect inside a blazing fire, if my body
and vital are burned to ashes,
I know yet for certain I shall have a place
in the depth of Your Heart.
He who knows nothing about You can remain
forgetful of You, but not I, never.
O Mother Divine, do place us, the knowers of You
and those who know You not,
In Your ambrosial, Elysian Lap.