The Devotion-magnet

Believe it or not, Nag Mahashay did not take a bath for twenty-five years! He used to get migraine headaches when he would bathe. He was a doctor, but he could not cure himself, and other doctors were unable to cure him. So he had to stop bathing altogether. He used to wash his face and hands only.

Everything in Nag Mahashay's case was extreme. He was unbalanced in many aspects of life, but his purer than the purest devotion can never be questioned. He had the devotion-magnet. If one has that type of devotion, one has no time to think of the rest of the world — who is good, who is bad and so on. When you have true devotion, like Nag Mahashay, you try to see the divinity in each and every individual. By seeing the good qualities in others, you can go very high and deep. By seeing the imperfections in others, we only increase our own imperfections enormously.