The examination

There was a spiritual Master who also lived in East Bengal. He used to examine the disciples of other Masters to see how much faith they had in their own Master. Once Nag Mahashay went to see this particular Master. This Master was really genuine, but he decided to examine the devotion of this particular disciple of Sri Ramakrishna.

The Master said to him, "Why do you not have any proper clothes? Why do you not bathe? Why are you so untidy? Can you not see yourself? Is this the sign of a spiritual man — living in poverty and remaining dirty and filthy?"

Poor Nag Mahashay could not say anything because this was such a great spiritual Master. He knew that Naren and others did not behave the way he himself behaved. They were properly dressed and so forth. He hung his head low.

Then the Master said to him, "I know whose disciple you are. You are Sri Ramakrishna's disciple. So what can you expect! He was insane and you are also behaving like him. Like Master, like disciple. It is easy to see that you are Ramakrishna's disciple."

There were many devotees of this Master present, but they all knew that he was teasing. Nag Mahashay was so sad and upset. He did not dare to say or do anything outwardly, but he took an oath that he would never visit that Master again.

The Master was so happy that Nag Mahashay would not come back any more. He told his disciples, "Now I know he is extremely devoted to Sri Ramakrishna. His love for him is genuine."