Thakur is calling

When Nag Mahashay's days were numbered, he asked one of his disciples to consult the Indian Almanac to select a very auspicious day for his departure. The disciple did not understand that Nag Mahashay was referring to his final departure from this earth. They selected an auspicious day and then Nag Mahashay said, "With your permission, I shall start on that day."

In a flash, the disciple realised that Nag Mahashay was talking about his passing and the disciple began crying and crying. He said, "How can you leave us? We will be motherless and fatherless." All the disciples joined in. They were completely heartbroken.

Who was there to console the disciples? Nag Mahashay's wife. She told them, "Do not cry for him. Thakur is calling him. His body is here, but his soul, heart and mind are already with Thakur. He will be happy with Thakur. Let us be happy in his happiness."