Sri Ramakrishna's compassionate reply

After hearing Nag Mahashay's life story, Sri Ramakrishna said to him, "There is no harm in what you have done by marrying a second time to please your father. One can easily pray to God while living a householder's life."

"How can it be possible?" asked the disciple. "How can a householder's life and God go together?"

The Master said, "It is quite possible. In your case, I can clearly see that you will be able to do it."

"Please tell me how!" begged the disciple.

Sri Ramakrishna then told him, "Kindly try to be in the company of sadhus, religious people, as often as possible."

"How can I find them? Where will I find them?" asked Nag Mahashay.

Sri Ramakrishna replied, "You do not have to go and find them. They will come to you. I am sure that wherever you are, they are bound to come to you. Religious people, sadhus and mendicants, will all flock to you."

Sri Ramakrishna's words proved to be absolutely true. From far and wide, spiritual people used to come and visit Nag Mahashay in his little village home.