Maintaining the loftiest height

Nag Mahashay asked Sri Ramakrishna, "Now that I have pleased my father by getting married, do I have to please my father again by having children?"

Sri Ramakrishna told him, "No, you have pleased him enough. You do not have to have children."

The disciple said, "Then I shall practise celibacy."

So Nag Mahashay would not go near his wife. He used to feel shy and he would avoid her. Many, many nights he used to climb up a tree and spend the whole night there because he was afraid of temptation. He said, "This is the only way I can conquer temptation."

The Western world or the modern-day world may laugh at Nag Mahashay, but he was fully convinced that by protecting himself from temptation in this way, he would be able to climb up to the loftier than the loftiest height in his spiritual life.