The kind-hearted homeopath

Nag Mahashay had a very big heart, so he used to give homeopathic medicines to the poor without charging them any fee. Everybody was deeply appreciative of his kind-heartedness except his own father. His father used to scold him and insult him, even in front of Nag Mahashay's wife.

Once it happened that a very poor man developed a high fever and all kinds of ailments. Nag Mahashay went to his house to help him. He found the man shivering violently and so he took off his own shawl and wrapped it around the man. Then he gave the man some homeopathic medicine and massaged him with utmost love and concern. He spent two or three hours in this poor man's home. His fee for house calls was only three rupees, but in this case, as in many others, he did not even ask the man to pay him.

When Nag Mahashay returned home, he was shivering because he no longer had his shawl. His father insulted him mercilessly because of his impractical attitude. His father said, "What are you doing? You give free food; you give free medicine. Now you are giving your own clothes! You do not keep enough money to support yourself or your wife."

His father used to buy new shawls for Nag Mahashay — only to have them given away by his son. The father finally said, "It is a hopeless case! Only God can take care of you. My earthly reason is of no avail."

Nag Mahashay's wife did not share her father-in-law's attitude. Like her husband, she too had a very big heart and she felt very sad when her father-in-law insulted her husband. She knew that her husband was not an ordinary man but a great God-seeker.