The foolish, quack homeopath

A certain gentleman who was extremely wealthy developed a serious disease. Even the doctors in the hospital could not cure him. Finally, the rich man's friends pointed out, by way of joke, that there was only one doctor in the city whom he had not consulted: the foolish, quack homeopath. Although they were joking, the rich man said, "Since I am heading towards the other world, it cannot do any harm for me to try him."

So he sent for Nag Mahashay, who came and gave him a remedy. In two or three days, it became obvious that the patient was improving, and in a month's time he was completely cured. The rich man wanted to give Nag Mahashay 300 rupees, but Nag Mahashay said, "You have already paid my fee of 20 rupees. Why should I take this?"

The rich man insisted, "But 300 rupees is nothing for me. You have saved my life and I want to show you my gratitude."

Then Nag Mahashay's father began insulting him, as usual, and tried to force him to take the money.

Finally, in front of everyone, Nag Mahashay started shedding tears. Looking up with folded hands, he prayed aloud, "O God, You have really forsaken me. If I become rich, then I will not think of You. This is just a tricky plan to test me. If I take the money, I will no longer think of You. Only by remaining poor will I be able to think of You at every moment. No, I will not accept this money under any circumstances."

In spite of his father's unceasing insults, Nag Mahashay remained firm in his refusal to accept the 300 rupees.