Forever his inner guru1

Recently, somebody came to one of our Divine Enterprises. That person is no longer with us, but he played a role of utmost significance in our spiritual family. His sleepless self-giving to our manifestation and to the heart of our Centres I shall forever and forever treasure in the very depths of my gratitude-heart and my oneness-pride. In how many ways he served the Supreme in me, God alone knows.

This individual came to our Divine Enterprise with boundless enthusiasm, inspiration, joy and pride. While looking at one of my pictures, he said to the workers that I shall forever remain his inner Guru. I am the one who will remain his inner Guru, but he does not know who his outer Guru is.

We all have the same outer Guru: the mind. In our outer life we do not have to go very far to find our Guru. Our outer Guru, the mind, is omnipresent. But our heart’s Guru is our Lord Absolute Beloved Supreme. The Guru of our outer life, the mind, we must grab and forcefully place at the Feet of our inner Guru, who is none other than the Absolute Supreme.

The outer Guru, the mind, is giving us such painful experiences almost every day. The inner Guru, the Absolute Supreme, our Beloved Father, comes to us every day, every hour, every minute and every second. He pleads with us only to do one thing: to be one with His Will. He begs us to be one with His Will in our outer life and in our inner life as well. He pleads with us not to have our self-styled pride-will, but only to be one with His Will.

  1. HCE 19. 2 April 2005, Jamaica High School, Jamaica, New York