Madal Circus gives me the utmost joy1

Dear ones, Madal Circus gives me the utmost joy, purer than the purest joy. Our philosophy is progress, progress, progress, progress. Let us not change our philosophy! I am begging you to remain young, young, young. Only the young in spirit will realise God. Remember, no matter how old you are, whether you are sixty years old, seventy years old or an octogenarian, if you are not participating, then you are not doing the right thing.

Cast aside lethargy, cast aside unwillingness! I will never, never make fun of your performance — never. That I do not do. When there are clowns we laugh, but as far as serious performances are concerned, I do not expect you to be like a Chinese circus or another professional circus. Your standard will not be examined. Your willingness is the most essential thing. Your willingness is the only thing I need. I do not expect you to be acrobats or performers of the highest order. That I do not expect. What I expect from you is only willingness, willingness, willingness — cheerfulness and willingness. If you have cheerfulness and willingness, then you have given me everything, everything, everything.

If you have already performed and you have more energy at your disposal, then please perform again! If you feel that you can do something else, then please do it, by all means. Be a flowing river! I will be very happy.

  1. HCE 22. 10 April 2005, Madal Circus, York College, Jamaica, New York