The supreme necessity of a oneness-heart25

In many countries we have been able to spread the Light of our Lord Supreme. At other times, the inner heart of a country we were able to conquer, but the outer life as such we could not fathom. Their inner heart, their love, their sweetness and their eagerness for a new life: those very things we were able to approach. The inner existence of the country we were able to approach, but the outer existence we could not approach, because they did not want anything. They felt they were self-sufficient. At times the inner heart is open, but the outer mind is stronger.

Everything happens at God’s choice Hour. At God’s choice Hour, the outer life of those countries also will open up. Right now they may think that something new will be harmful for them. I am sure one day that opinion will change.

We are all together. We belong to one family, so we cannot go on suspecting our brothers and sisters. Otherwise there will be no peace, no harmony. We shall accept the world with all its weaknesses. Everybody has weaknesses. In spite of our weaknesses, we love one another. The rest of the world is like our brothers and sisters. We stay together in spite of our weaknesses. We have come here to become happy. If we want to be happy, then we must have an open heart. Nobody can be happy without an open heart, an all-embracing heart.

A day will come when everyone will consciously feel the supreme necessity of a oneness-heart. But the inner heart, the heart that we need to pray to God, to meditate on God, to love God and serve God, that heart is beautiful, always beautiful.

HCE 23. Sri Chinmoy spoke with a dear friend about his travels. 12 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York