Keep your direct connection with me1

Some of the visiting disciples are so kind and so devoted to me. At times, their hearts compel them to go to the length of giving up their jobs so that they can be here for our Celebrations. Again, some disciples literally plead with their bosses to grant them a leave of absence. I have such good disciples!

The more you value me, the more I will be compelled to value you. It is mutual. The more we value our aspiration, the more God gets satisfaction. Similarly, the more you value my physical presence here on earth, the more you will get from me. If you value me, then you are bound to be valued by me.

Dear ones who come here from far-off lands, if other disciples can be a source of inspiration to you, I will be so proud of those disciples. Again, do not be doomed to disappointment if you see that some individuals are not aspiring. Please try to feel that you come here for me, for me. Your inspiration, your aspiration and your dedication must not suffer in the least if you see that some others are wanting in inspiration, aspiration and dedication. If you see disciples who are not aspiring, you must not think or feel even for a fleeting moment, “Oh, perhaps we shall also be the same eventually.” No, you do not have to become like that!

Ask your heart, and your heart will tell you that you come here for me and not for others. Keep your direct connection with me, with my soul, with my heart. I am sure I will not disappoint you, and I am sure you also will not disappoint me. Let us go forward, forward, forward with those who are ready, willing and eager to go forward.

Again, I wish to say that those who have lost their inspiration and aspiration can revive their inspiration and aspiration in the twinkling of an eye!

  1. HCE 28. 13 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York