I will be successful in and through you1

All the Centres can do one thing at the same time, and then see the results. It will be like putting out candles: here is one candle, there is another candle. Please think of something that you can do jointly. That will be so good! In addition to your specialities, whatever you are doing in your respective cities, if you can all do something at the same time, that will be very good.

I will be very happy if tomorrow you can give me ten significant items that you will undertake, or ten events. I will read them out. I am not going to blame you if you cannot succeed! I will never, never blame you. I will put my inspiration and my enthusiasm into all the items that you give me. But my inspiration, my aspiration and my enthusiasm will depend on your self-giving. I will be successful in and through you only on the strength of your self-giving.

Never think of who is doing what. Whatever you wish to do, just do it! If some people are not helping you or cooperating with you, then please be more determined to do it. Collectively you will try to do things, but if collectivity does not work, then go to individuality. If you work individually, the Centre itself will get the glory.

Talking has to surrender to acting. Action, action, action! If one individual comes forward with tremendous inspiration, aspiration and determination, I do not see why you cannot succeed.

Two evenings per week you have for your Centre meditations. Please think of the other five days. Each day do something —- either the same thing on all the five days, or something different, in the evening. Evening is meant for spreading our light. At least two hours every evening you can spend.

It gives me such joy, unimaginable joy, when I get good news from your country or from any other country! Then my joy enters into you as strength, and I feel that each disciple can develop indomitable strength.

You can give concerts in various places. I am sure each Centre has at least three musicians. If you have three good singers or musicians, there will be a few others who will support you. You do not need twenty singers or musicians. Music can help! In some countries, young disciples go here and there, giving concerts. They may get thirty, forty or fifty people in the audience, and those people get tremendous joy. In that way you also can inspire people. It will make me so happy!

I really, really want your country to run fast, very fast. Receptivity is needed to receive my light, plus determination, determination, determination. Only one thing is needed in the outer world: determination. In the inner world, receptivity is needed. And that receptivity if you have, then I am inside your heart. You are welcoming me to be inside your heart. But again, in your outer life you need determination. Each and every individual needs determination.

I cannot imagine that people can really be happy with their material life. No individual can be really happy unless inside him there is happiness. Inspire them! I am using the words "determination," plus "readiness," "willingness" and "eagerness." Let us take the word "eagerness." Readiness and willingness are first and second. But if there is eagerness, then how can you not inspire others? They will see the difference between the inner happiness, which is the real happiness, and the outer happiness.

You can have many projects. It is like a supermarket! Please keep your store full. You do not know which item an individual will like. If you sell only mangoes, some people may not be interested in mangoes. But if you have a large variety of items, it will be good. We have no idea which item will appeal to an individual. And again, as I said before, let all the Centres try to do one thing at the same time.

Please do not depend on disciples from other Centres. It may be impossible for them to come and help you. Your own Centre can have tremendous eagerness and determination.

Please start your journey with adamantine will-power. Then you are bound to succeed, you are bound to succeed! In August I would like to hear from each Centre what you have done. Each Centre will give me a report about what you have achieved. Each Centre has at least three or four solid members. If four solid members can work very, very hard, I do not know how it can be possible for you not to succeed. If those disciples work hard, very hard, then you are bound to succeed.

  1. HCE 29. Sri Chinmoy encouraged the disciples of his Australian Centres to think of activities that would inspire seekers in their country. These are excerpts from his remarks. 14 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York