I need your soul's indomitable spirit1

Please sing loudly! Only one thing I need: your spirit, your soul's indomitable spirit. From here the recording will go to so many nations all around the world. You are the source. Your performance is more than excellent.

I have played my role. Now kindly make it as dynamic, as cheerful and as powerful as possible. The spirit of this song must enter into millions of people the runners are going to encounter. This recording will inspire them.

I expect loudness from you, plus spirit and dynamism. Please take it as a very spirited song.

"Marvellous" is an understatement! The enthusiasm, dynamism and correctness are all excellent. I am so moved! I gave you an unripe fruit. You have blossomed it fully into a most delicious fruit. This most delicious fruit everybody should enjoy.

  1. HCE 30. Sri Chinmoy taught his disciples the song for the World Harmony Run. 15 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York