His Compassion is everything to us1

This time I meditated only on compassion, bringing down compassion. Here quite a few disciples —- about twenty —- have received abundant compassion. Somebody has received the most, although she is not here physically, and that is Sarama.

At one point I was looking just at the front of the room, where the disciples are not supposed to sit, and Sarama's soul was there. I said to Sarama, "What are you doing? Why are you sitting in the 'forbidden area'?" In a joking manner I said it.

She said, "I am not the body; I am the soul."

I said to her, "Where is the difference, good girl, between the body and the soul? For me there is no difference between the body and the soul, the substance and the essence."

Sometimes when I see the body, inside the body I immediately see the soul's entire divinity; and sometimes when I see the soul, I see inside the soul the qualities and capacities of the body. There is no difference between the body and the soul.

This was Sarama's message: "I have come here to swim in the heart-sea of your compassion."

I said, "Swim as long as you want to; swim to your heart's content. I will let you swim inside the heart-sea of my compassion."

This was Sarama's soul.

Nineteen other disciples have received compassion in profuse measure, but her soul has definitely received more than anybody else. When we meditate, the soul of somebody who is not physically present can come and receive. It happens; it has happened many, many times. I am very grateful and very proud of Sarama's achievement.

Compassion, compassion! It is the divine compassion that keeps us in this boat, in the Boat of the Supreme. The moment the Supreme takes away His Compassion, we are worse than useless. In every way we become the worst possible failures. But when the Supreme's Compassion works in and through us and we receive it devotedly and cheerfully, then the mightiest power enters into us. Adamantine will enters into us when the Supreme's Compassion we receive and utilise for the Supreme.

Of all the Powers the Supreme has, His Compassion-Power is the most powerful Power. It is the miracle of miracles. No other miracle-power is as powerful as the Supreme's Compassion-Power. When we receive the Supreme's Compassion-Power and value it, then everything in us can be illumined, no matter how long it has remained in darkness within us.

Always we should pray to the Supreme — all of us —- for His Compassion, more than anything else. His Compassion is everything to us. Once we lose His Compassion, we have nothing, we are nothing, we will remain nothing. But once we feel His Compassion and utilise it in a divine way, we have everything and we become everything.

Let us always pray to the Supreme for His unconditional Compassion. Let us pray to Him to inundate us with His unconditional Compassion. Let us pray for His Compassion and let us receive His Compassion. If we soulfully pray, then definitely He will grant it. And if we receive it and utilise it properly, then not only do we get something divine, supreme and immortal, but we do become that divine, supreme and immortal reality.

Always we should value the Supreme's Compassion more than anything else. Everything He has, He is and He gives us, for He is all unconditional Heart; but if we can receive His Compassion, then everything we have.

  1. HCE 31. After the last of three meditation sessions held on 29 May 1978 at Progress-Promise, Jamaica, New York, Sri Chinmoy told this anecdote about Sarama, who was in the hospital at the time recovering from a cycling accident. Sarama, who became Sri Chinmoy's disciple in 1967, left this world on 15 July 2013.