Shunya Hate Abar Asi Phire

Shunya hate abar asi phire
Bhalobasi abar dharanire
Sukhe dukhe gara nadi tire
Abar srote bhasai bhela
Dhula niye kari khela
Asha tarir piche piche
Chhuti nayan nire
Abar tumi nutan beshe
Amar sathe khela hese
Naba bhabe bhalobasi abar dharitrire


The Infinite will come into our earthly existence
Again and again to love this earth.
This life-river is full of joy and sorrow.
Here again we sail in the boat
Towards an unknown reality.
O Lord, I see You as my Companion sweet.
You take me to Heaven’s delight
Only to send me back
With an empty hand
To earth’s stark reality-life.