Rajar Dulal Pather Kangal

Rajar dulal pather kangal
Phire pathe pathe
Khudar anna lagi
Kena he bidhata khide khide bale
Kandiya uthile jagi
Jagiya sakale dekhe purabasi
Raja dure dure ghure upabasi
Sakal ange bedanar dage dagi
Ogo narayan karuna plaban magi


You are the divine prince,
Yet you roam from door to door
Like a true beggar.
Constantly you are suffering from
Wild hunger.
Constantly you are tortured by
The buffets of life.
The King, too,
Has accepted and embraced
Your fate.
The immeasurable dole of
Human creation,
He embodies cheerfully
And faultlessly.
O Lord, I implore You and Your
Eternity’s Compassion-flood.