My Lord,
The more I satisfy You,
The more You demand.
Before You wanted from me
Only love, devotion and surrender.
Now You have added obedience.
If I start obeying You,
Then You will invent
Something more!

"My child,
You failed miserably
In your love-devotion-surrender-examination.
I want you to study
The obedience-course,
Which is abundantly easier."

And, my Lord,
If I fail in Your obedience-course,
Will You have something
Even easier?

"My child,
Yes, I will have something
For you
Easier than the easiest —
My last resort —
A sesquipedalian cane
An iron rod!"

My Lord,
Before You go that far,
I am immediately starting
My obedience-love-devotion-surrender-life.
I shall obey You
Most sincerely.
I shall start loving You
Most sincerely.
I shall devote myself
To Your service
Most sincerely.
I shall give You
My unconditional surrender
Most sincerely.

"Then, My child,
Come, come, come
And sit beside Me
On My Golden Throne."