My Lord,
When I do anything wrong,
You immediately scold me
But when I do many things right —
I mean, most satisfactorily —
You do not say even one word
Of appreciation.
Is it fair?

"My child,
When you do things
To My great Satisfaction,
I am all admiration for you.
But, alas, your giant pride
Does not understand My language.
What is worse, it deafens
Your two long and beautiful ears.

"My child,
At that time you should sympathise
With Me,
Instead of finding fault with Me.

"My child,
I do hope
I have defended My case
Most honourably
And most satisfactorily."

My Lord,
In that case,
I am terribly sorry for You.
Or, should I say,
I surrender completely
And unconditionally
To Your inscrutable Cleverness.