“My Lord, this time I shall ask You a question, although I definitely and unmistakably know the answer.”

“That’s fine, My child, but I am anxious to know your question and your answer.”

“My question is, do You ever fall sick like me?
My immediate answer is, You never fall sick.”

“My supremely foolish child, you are totally mistaken.
I do fall sick from time to time.”

“You fall sick!
Don’t tell me a dark lie.
For God’s sake — tell me, why do You fall sick?”

“My child, I fall sick when you threaten Me that you will no longer work for Me on earth.
I fall sick when you untimely want to drop out of My cosmic game.
I fall sick when you don’t tell the world that you and I both badly need each other.
I fall sick the moment your foul and impossible mouth tells Me that you don’t deserve Me.”