"My Lord, I am sure You feel sad when I am angry with You.
I am sure that when I speak ill of You, You get angry with me."

"My child, you are My eternal pride.
When you are angry with Me, instead of feeling sad I allow My astonishment to capture Me, My Heart and Soul.
For then I see in you an unusual, unimaginable aspect of yours.

"Now, when you speak ill of Me, I don't get angry with you in the least.
On the contrary, I smile and dance.
For I know that since you and I are one, eternally one, inseparable, you have to share half of your kind offering with Me.

"Also I am glad, My fondest child, when you speak ill of Me, because at that time I get the opportunity to sharpen My weapon of self-defence.
You know well that on very rare occasions you give Me the chance to use My indomitable weapon, self-defence.

"Dearest child of My Heart, you fight with Me because your heart needs Me.
I fight with you because My Soul loves you.
When you fight, you give Me what you always want to give: strength.
When I fight, I give you what I always am: Concern, eternal Concern."