Part I — Miracles, emanations and dreams

Miracles, emanations and dreams

In those whom I consider to be my true disciples, I put a spiritual spark of my own soul. My soul is like the sun. The day I make the inner promise to a disciple and accept him as my very own, I put a ray from my inner sun inside him. You call it an emanation. It need not be one emanation; in some cases there are more. Again, some emanations are not specifically meant for one particular person; they are for all. If something very serious or striking happens, their emanations will tell me. To some disciples I have given an emanation on the first day; to others it comes only after several months or even years. However, if the disciple leaves me or is asked to leave the Centre, then I take the emanation back.

An emanation is an actual part of my existence that I have put inside a disciple. It is like a magnet; it can draw me to the disciple and with it I can draw the disciple to me. My emanation is like a link, like a telephone wire. If you are doing something wrong, it will immediately bring it to my notice; it will call me. The emanations give me immediate news of any important matter when it is happening. In the inner world, if a person is constantly violating the spiritual laws, the emanation suffers. If the person is very bad, then it doesn't work properly. Only certain spiritual Masters have emanations; others have only inner beings.

Sometimes the emanations will come and stand in front of the telephone when you are about to telephone me. The other day a disciple phoned long distance and immediately I knew who it was because I was seeing the emanation standing right in front of the telephone. The telephone operator was saying, "Do you speak French?" So I said, "Yes," and she put the call through. But I knew it was X, who speaks English. The emanations come like that; they play a game.

When two of my disciples were running after a thief one night, their emanations came to me. I saw what was happening, though not in detail. But if I just know a little, then that is all that is necessary for me to put a spiritual force on the person. It is not necessary to see everything in detail when one operates on the inner plane. But when their emanations came, I expected a call from them on the physical plane. And in a few minutes they did call me and tell me the whole story in detail.

Sometimes your emanation will come to me and tell me of a problem before your physical mind is even aware of it. But if it is something serious, you should also let me know quickly on the physical plane. For then my divine force can negate it. Again, if something important happens in your life that is good, you should also inform me. Otherwise, wrong forces may enter. Pride may enter and you will not give any credit to the Supreme. If you are attacked by pride, then you are lost. But if you tell the Master, that means that you are sharing your achievement with the Master, and consciously or unconsciously you are telling him that he has something to do with your success or achievement. Once you do that, the hostile forces do not or cannot attack, since you have already shared your experience and achievement with a higher force.

Inner beings can be superior, far superior, to emanations, and they can also be inferior. Some inner beings act like children; they enjoy singing, dancing and all kinds of things. But again, some inner beings are very mature and will offer very significant service. Emanations are like messengers. They will bring correct messages but they do not have the capacity to rectify something if anything is wrong. An inner being of the child-type does the same thing; it will only come and inform me that something has occurred. But a higher inner being will be able to rectify and clarify. The elder brother of the family has broken his leg, and the childlike inner being is only coming to tell the father. The higher inner being will also go and tell the father, but first it will try to cure the person involved. Emanations are like soldiers, ordinary soldiers, whereas the higher inner beings are like captains. Inner beings which are of the child-type will eventually become mature.

Emanations have a free access to others. My emanations will almost always have a freer access to your existence than my inner beings. When an emanation, a messenger boy, comes to you, out of compassion or out of love you will allow him in. For you feel that he will not create any problem. But when you see an inner being sometimes you try to hide, because you feel that he has power and is going to do something. When the inner being comes, the disciple will be cured whereas the emanation just comes to the hospital to see what the disciple is suffering from.