Question: Once I thought I saw you in another form. All of a sudden I looked up and saw a man looking at me. He was a black man and he seemed a little bit drunk and was dressed very disreputably. I looked and looked into his eyes, but I saw only you. I smiled because I knew it was you but the person kept pretending he wasn't you. He wouldn't tell me who he was. So I finally gave up. Can you tell me whether it was you?

Sri Chinmoy: What you saw was one of my emanations; it was real. Emanations can be as powerful, as solid, as real as the physical body itself. They can take an exact form. You can talk with them and mix with them. They can be small, they can be big or they can take exactly the same form, same shape, same height as me. It was my emanation you saw, but definitely I was not drunk.