Question: What are group souls?

Sri Chinmoy: Group souls are found in animal life and also in human life. In human life, there will be thousands of people who are of almost similar standard in terms of spiritual evolution. They are at one place. Their group soul is in a particular spot in the soul's region. Here we say, "Birds of a feather flock together." If your standard and somebody else's standard are the same, then your souls go together in a group.

When you have a spiritual Master, just because of his love for you and your love for him, you get his compassion and blessings; then immediately he takes you to another plane, another standard. Then you can go beyond the group. But group souls do not get special blessings, special concern, from any spiritual Master. They go together, like a particular class in school where the students are studying together because they are of the same standard. But if the teacher says, "No, I will give you special training because I want you to go to a higher class," he can do this. The teacher can give private instruction and take his student to a higher class.

Again, apart from that group, some souls care more for Peace, some for Light, some for Bliss. So, if they care more for Peace, then they stay together. When it is time for them to incarnate, they may not come to the same country. One may go to Germany, one may go to India. But in the inner world they stay together.