Question: What is it like when you see the soul?

Sri Chinmoy: The soul can take the form of the physical. X has died. But whenever X sees me, whenever I see him, always he claps. He is announcing my victory, our victory, the victory of our mission. Sometimes I see X the way I saw him on earth, exactly the same. Sometimes I see him as just a tiny doll. But the doll is not made of rubber or plastic or flesh. It is different.

The same soul can be seen in a different way, without form. A river is flowing and inside the river is life energy. With your human eyes, you will see that life energy is liquid. But the life energy has a form of its own. If you use the third eye, you can see it. So, I can see X's life energy and also the life energy of others. It is like knowing the strength that a boxer has inside his arms. With your physical eyes you can see his arms and legs, but with the spiritual eye you will see the thing that is inside the arm, the thing that has created this miracle. When you use occult vision, you won't see the human form, but something else — liquid or solid power.

Sometimes I see the soul like some kind of very tiny fish in the water. And then, if I am going to feed the soul, greedily it eats. And the food that it eats, you will think that it is all bone, powdered bone. But it is not powdered bone; It is something else — all white and beautiful. But if an ordinary human being is given it to eat, he will think it is all pure bone.

When I ate soul's food for the first time, it didn't taste at all good. Heaven-food does not taste good to the human taste. Although some people who are in the soul's region enjoy the food, I have no taste for it. Right now I am here on earth and I eat earthly food. It is a different world. I can feed those who have died because I know my capacity. But I can't appreciate the food myself. It is like the mother who does not like children's food, although the children like it. Children like cereal and all kinds of things. God knows what they eat! But I don't have to eat it.