Question: You said once that man is evolved from animals, and another time you said that man was once divine, then fell. Can you resolve this paradox?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no paradox. The first time I was talking about evolution and the second time I was talking about involution. In evolution the spirit evolves from plant to animal to man. In involution the spirit enters from the soul's region into matter to perfect it. Some souls, when they realise God, will remain in the soul's region if they don't want to manifest divinity on earth. Those who want to manifest are like soldiers. They come down time after time for the Supreme, for the transformation of humanity. As you get joy when I ask you to do something for me or to work for me, also you should get the same joy if I ask you not to work. It is the same way with the spiritual Masters. The Supreme asks some souls to work for Him on earth and some not to.