Question: Do all Avatars have the same realisation?

Sri Chinmoy: There are full Avatars and partial Avatars. A partial Avatar is not always totally aware of his transcendental height and universal reality. In his case, he feels that God at times plays hide-and-seek with him. A full Avatar is he who is constantly aware of his transcendental height and universal reality. A partial Avatar is not sure twenty-four hours of his inner divinity. In the inner world, he may be searching for something but may not know where it is; he may be sometimes disturbed, puzzled or afraid in the inner world. In the outer world, even some of the full Avatars have felt that they have lost the transcendental reality which they had already achieved. This does not happen in all cases, but it does happen in some cases. In the inner world a full Avatar is always aware of who he is and what is taking place. If the Master constantly knows what is happening in the inner world, even if he doesn't know outwardly, then nothing creates problems for him or his disciples whether things are taking place in the inner world or in the outer world.

A partial Avatar acts at times in a very human way. He is assailed by fear, doubt, anxiety, anger, frustration and other undivine qualities in spite of having a full realisation. But a full Avatar is realisation in the inner world and revelation and manifestation in the outer world. Within he is divinity's realisation and without he is divinity's revelation and manifestation,