Question: Guru, I often dream about you. Sometimes it is really you, but sometimes when I get near, I don't feel your vibration.

Sri Chinmoy: My vibration is very complicated. It is divine but I don't have the same vibration all the time. Sometimes it is a compassionate vibration, sometimes a dynamic vibration, and sometimes it has dynamic power to such an extent that it seems I have come like a ferocious animal to destroy you. But that power is not aimed at you. On the contrary, it enters into you to challenge and destroy some of the wrong forces that have attacked you. Last year you had to have an operation. If the doctor had only caressed your hand, would you have been cured? Here also, when you see me in a powerful way, feel that it is necessary. Sometimes I come with love, compassion, concern; but I also have other vibrations.

No hostile force can take my form. Hostile forces have taken the forms of many spiritual Masters and have deceived their closest and dearest disciples. These forces take the form of the Master and in dreams tell the disciples to do something wrong or destructive. If the Master is on the physical plane he can concentrate on a disciple who has had such a dream and he will know whether or not he was actually in the dream. The Master may tell the disciple that his dream was false, but the disciple does not always believe him. The Master will say, "I didn't tell you to do that," but the disciple may not believe the Master. He will think, "Master has forgotten what he did in the inner world." Then the disciple may have the same dream again and he will say, "Which will I believe: my dream or what my Master has told me?"

There was once a disciple who wanted to realise God. He had a dream in which his Master came to him and said, "You will realise God if you commit suicide. In your next incarnation I will give you realisation if you commit suicide now." When the disciple told his Master about this dream the Master told him, "No, I did not tell you that. How often have I told you we have to stay on earth to realise God? It is not my philosophy to recommend that anyone should commit suicide." Again the disciple had the same dream. By that time the wrong forces had already attacked him. They said to him, "Your Master is jealous of you. He is a realised soul but he is preventing you from realising God because there is not room for two God-realised people in one place." The disciple believed the hostile forces and committed suicide.