Question: When I was younger, I used to dream that I would be skipping across a field and then the skips would become like slow motion. I would jump a long distance, touch the ground and then jump again. Sometimes I would take off and fly around. That was when I was younger. Since I have been in the spiritual life I have had a similar kind of dream where I was in the midst of a lot of people on a sidewalk who were going very slowly. I wanted to go more quickly so I just got up and started to fly. But when I began to think of the people, I couldn't stay up, so I came down.

Sri Chinmoy: Very good. This dream, this experience, took place in the vital plane. The physical does not fly; but on the subtle plane the subtle physical can fly, the vital can fly. This particular flying experience hundreds of times I have had in my childhood. I used to see that this was very easy. In the vital world you can fly like anything. You don't need wings. You may feel that your own gross physical is flying, but actually only in the vital world you are flying. When I was fifteen or sixteen years old I used to fly very, very high and I used to see others there flying like aeroplanes. Sometimes I used to show all kinds of tricks, but this was all in the vital plane. You can also do it; anybody can do it. If you have some mastery over the vital plane you can fly. Here in America hundreds and thousands of times I have flown. And I do it not in a dream, but consciously I fly. When I was five or six years old it was all a dream, but now in the vital plane I can easily fly.