In the battlefield1

Today I did two workouts —- one in the morning and one in the evening. During the evening workout, I lifted 300 pounds and also 200 pounds with one arm. It was not my full effort. I do not think it was more than 80 per cent. Every day to do 100 per cent is not good. You become injured, plus the mind becomes stale. But when I lift up 145 pounds in each arm simultaneously, I am killing myself. There I am in the real battlefield. If I say that I am not giving 100 per cent effort for my double dumbbell lift, I will be lying. It is 110 per cent!

Today I did 145 pounds double dumbbell for the first time. It is 290 pounds total. My personal record is 150 pounds in each arm, which I did many years ago. So I am coming closer to breaking my record.

  1. MJW 46. 15 November 1998