Enough for this incarnation!1

Today I lifted up a Lear jet weighing over 22,000 pounds. Before I went there, I weighed myself. I was 144 1/2 pounds. I was so delighted and excited. But my brother Chitta immediately appeared before my inner vision. He was so sad. He said to me, "I really want you to be between 150 and 155. Do not go under 150." So I promised him that I will stay between 145 and 150. Then he was to some extent happy. I do not think that under 143 I will be able to maintain strength. Today I feel very strong.

Before I lifted the plane, I walked around it three times invoking Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva —- God the Creator, God the Preserver and God the Transformer. I was asking for their Blessings.

There is a great difference between 13,000 pounds and 22,000 pounds. It took so much of my concentration to make the plane feel light. Beyond the mind, everything is possible.

The owner told me that when he was sitting in the pilot's seat, he saw the lift and he also felt it. He said it was very clear, very vivid. When I went inside the plane and sat in the pilot's seat, I could not believe how small it was. It is so difficult to sit there. It is so close, so tight.

When we print a book, we can put this big plane in the middle and all the little ones around it.

Now I can say it is enough for this incarnation!

  1. MJW 47. 18 November 1998