Go to the eye specialist1

Greed never ends! Today, after lifting 120 pounds with both arms simultaneously from a standing position, I went to 130 pounds. Savyasachi's bodyweight is 132. His bodyweight I can lift with both arms.

With this machine made by Sumadhur and Bishwas I have never attempted 140 pounds. One hundred and forty pounds with each arm simultaneously using this machine is equivalent to 160 pounds on my machine at home because there the weight is on the side. Here it is behind my head.

If you are not noticing my progress, then please go to the eye specialist and get special lenses for your glasses! My mind does not believe it sometimes. If metal plates can identify themselves with me, what is wrong with you?

Sincere sympathisers sympathise with me no matter what I do. I want to make progress in every sphere of my life. Here what you are seeing is my oneness with the Will of the Supreme in my oneness with these metal plates.

  1. MJW 53. 23 December 1998, Singapore