Arriving back from India1

It was so stupid of me to think of lifting heavy weights today after just coming back from India. I was trying to lift 400 pounds after not doing it for four or five days. I did not think of telling Unmilan to lower the weight.

Then, when I came to Sumadhur and Bishwas' machine, the cautious man in me was telling me not to go over 70 pounds, but I did 100, then 110 with both arms and up to 130 pounds with one arm. At every moment self-doubt came, but again I was so happy and satisfied to do it.

Now I am lifting 400 pounds as high as I did 300. Next year I will be 68. I have to show some progress. In April I would like to show some progress and again in August.

  1. MJW 54. 28 December 1998, Kuala Lumpur