Surrender is of paramount importance1

O my Pilot Beloved, I know that in the desire-life determination is of paramount importance to bring about success. I know that in the inner life, in the life of aspiration, my implicit surrender to Your Will is of paramount importance. But my sweet Lord, how can I acquire this surrender? How can I make this surrender to You?

"My child, you know what you are right now; you are now ignorance incarnate. Also you know what your soul thinks of you, what it feels that eventually you will become. What you can become eventually, your soul knows. Although you are now ignorance incarnate, your soul knows that one day you can become a perfect instrument of Mine. But I wish to tell you that you will not only become a perfect instrument of Mine, but something more. You will become, like Me, another God. You know that this creation is Mine, the universal Vision is Mine, the transcendental Reality is Mine; but a day shall come when everything will be yours. Like Me, you will be the possessor of the universe, the indweller of the universe, the ruler of the universe. Since you know that you will eventually become another God, for the time being, you can make your surrender complete. For a few days, for a few months, for a few years or even for a few incarnations you can try to surrender your will to My Will.

"No, you are not dealing with possibility; you are dealing with inevitability. Your life of ignorance will disappear and a new Wisdom-Light will enter into your inner being. At that time, you will become like Me, My child, another God. Therefore, right now play your role. Make your surrender implicit, complete and continuous. What you will get in return as a reward is far, far beyond your imagination. Therefore, right now do the needful; just become a totally surrendered instrument of Mine. Yours will be My Infinity's life. Yours will be My Eternity's love. Yours will be My Immortality's success, fulfilment and perfection."

  1. MPB 13. 3 August 1978, 8:00 a.m. Jamaica High School Track, Jamaica. N.Y.