First-class, second-class and third-class disciples1

O my Pilot Beloved, I am Your disciple. Do tell me if I am Your first-class or second-class or third-class disciple. Do tell me.

"My child, I shall not tell you directly whether you are My first-class or second-class or third-class disciple. But I shall tell you who are the disciples in My first class, second class and third class. From My statement, you will know which category you belong to.

"My third-class disciples are those to whom I have given full freedom. They do anything they want to do. They say anything they want to say. They become what they want to become. I have given them full freedom. They live their independent lives. They just stay in My Boat and they feel that they are doing Me a big favour.

"My second-class disciples are those to whom I give an option. Always I keep two roads ready for them. I tell them: 'Either walk along this road or along that road. Do this or do that — whichever pleases you, in a sense. Either do this or do that, and please Me to some extent. It is up to you to make the choice. There is no compulsion. It is you who have to make the choice and thus please Me to some extent.' I do not expect them all the time to be inside My Consciousness. They, in return, do not expect all the time to receive My constant Concern, Love, Blessings and Gratitude.

"My first-class disciples are those to whom I have not given any earthbound or human freedom. For I know earthbound freedom — vital, mental and physical freedom — is infinitely worse than destruction itself. Therefore, I take full responsibility for their aspiration-life and dedication-life. I tell them what they must do; I do not ask them. If I say, 'Sit down!' they sit down. If I say, 'Stand up!' they stand up. I give them no choice. It is My Will. They have no option, no choice. They have to please Me and fulfil Me at every moment in My own Way. This is what my first-class disciples do.

"First-class disciples have no will of their own. They have no choice of their own. Their choice and their will have become inseparably one with My Choice and My Will. My Satisfaction, in My own Way, is their only satisfaction. They know that when they satisfy Me and please Me in My own Way, they will receive boundless joy, boundless peace, boundless love, boundless delight — everything, everything in boundless measure. Their sense of separativity, their individuality, their personality have totally disappeared. Only oneness-song, oneness-dance, oneness-march they enjoy divinely and supremely with Me here on earth, there in Heaven.

"You know, My child, indeed you are a disciple of Mine. Now you know where you stand: whether you are My first-class, second-class or third-class disciple.

"Third-class disciples I tolerate unconditionally. Second-class disciples I keep with the hope that one day they will try to become first-class disciples. One day in the near or distant future a new light will enter into them, and they will cry for total surrender to My Will. That is My expectation-world. That is My hope-world. With an iota of hope, an iota of expectation, I keep them in My Boat.

"First-class disciples are My veritable Pride. They carry Me the length and breadth of the entire world. They carry My Vision; they carry My Mission — eternally. It is in them I see My own Dream-Reality. It is for them I feel My Universal Existence. They are My instruments unparalleled. They are My happiness unparalleled. They are My Eternity's satisfaction as I am their Eternity's All.

"So, My child, if you feel that you are not My first-class disciple, try to become one and make Me feel that My Manifestation on earth is not an empty dream but fulfilling and fulfilled Reality."

  1. MPB 14. 3 August 1978, 12:45 p.m. 144th St. Gym, Jamaica. N.Y.