Lewis Kahn's mother

It was a memorable day!

What a truly pleasant day when the disciples' mothers were invited to a luncheon and informally met with the Guru.

We were seated at tables with our sons, and to begin with, a most delectable cheese mound covered with chopped nuts was placed in the center of each table to appease our appetites before meeting with Guru.

Then at last, Guru entered the restaurant — not in his usual Indian garb — but there he was beautifully clad as a handsome American young man. His meticulously clean blue shirt with his beautiful white sweater and his smiling countenance immediately gave me a feeling of complete rapport. I felt he was meeting with us on our level of consciousness to make us feel closer to him as an individual, and to my way of thinking it did.

Guru started with a short synopsis of his life. We learned he lost his mother at the age of eleven years old and now has one sister left who is very close to him, not only as a sister but as a mother. I liked the little jest he made, after he told us he calls his sister once a month, when he said, "It only costs $12.00."

Guru went on to say he is just taking over where we left off. He knows all we want for our sons is to be happy and that money is not the most important thing.

The way he spoke to us I'm sure every mother felt very much like I did: happy our sons crossed his path and thankful God sent Guru to us.

We were given the opportunity to ask questions, which some of the mothers did. I did want to get up and say something which was in my heart, but like most times when it comes to speaking in public, I was the silent one.

I was thankful that another mother got up and said most of the things I wanted to say. It was almost like she received the message from me. So I see I am not alone in my feelings for the Guru and the path he leads. I have a feeling of complete acceptance and would like him for my "Indian son."

I believe God will guide Guru on his path and I have complete faith we parents, along with our sons and daughters, will be better people for it.

To top it off Guru presented every mother individually with a beautiful corsage and a box of lovely gifts. At that time we were able to express our thanks to Guru, which gave me great pleasure. I was then able to verbally tell him how thankful I was someone else spoke for me, but then — I'm sure Guru knew all along.

I was blessed by Guru!

I was blessed by Guru!

We were then served a delicious salad which, if I'm lucky, I will get the recipe of.

Guru then left us, and we enjoyed the rest of the luncheon prepared for us.

What a beautiful day it was!

Thank you, Guru, for inviting me.

Mrs. Hortense Kahn