Marc and Albert Marcantonio's mother

December 18, 1975

My dear Sri Chinmoy,

I thought that I would take time to extend my gratitude to you for a pleasant lunch and the lovely gifts and flowers. I felt you were offering so much more in your generous gesture; and from that feeling comes my deepest gratitude for your presence and spiritual sharing.

I do hope that my words were appropriate in public context. Many of the mothers indicated to me that they shared the same positive feelings about you and your work but did not find the opportunity to express their sentiments.

Your influence on my sons has manifested itself in a return to God and the "core values" which have maintained the hope and integrity of humanity through the ages.

The ladies and gentlemen of your group are gracious ambassadors. They are happy-looking people and seem to retain their youth.

Thank you again.

Respectfully yours,

Theresa Marcantonio