The daring competition-success-might of the human mind is wisely going to surrender to the caring illumination-progress-delight of the divine heart.

The inner voice is whispering the supreme Message-Light for humanity's perfection-life. Let us listen. We can listen. We must listen!

Hurtful is the outer adventure-capture-march.
Fruitful is the inner adventure-rapture-dive.

The outer world belongs to the supremacy-fighters. The inner world belongs to the oneness-lovers. God's ultimate Perfection-World will bless and embrace the oneness-lovers with fondness and pride, and reject and forget the supremacy-fighters.

God the creation, in breathless sound, asks God the Creator: "O where are You?"

God the Creator, in fathomless silence, replies: "I am inside your Oneness-Fulness-Peace-blossoming Dream-Reality."