My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme, You are Your Immortality's Compassion-Height.

You are telling the sincerity-purity-gratitude-flooded inner world that its teeming follies will devotedly surrender to a volley of surprises, illumining and fulfilling, in the New Year, 1992.

My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme, You are Your Divinity's Justice-Light.

You are telling the insincerity-impurity-ingratitude-flooded outer world that its unsearching mind, unaspiring heart and unsurrendering life will be forced to drown in the ocean of endless sorrows.

My Lord, You are telling the aspiration-heart and the dedication-life of the world that they must accept You, please You and fulfil You in Your own Way and never, never in their own ignorance-volcano-way if they dare to dream of reaching the Golden Shore, the Transcendental Vision of Your own Heart-Breath.

My Lord, my Lord, may I be permitted to beg You to grant me a blessingful boon in the New Year? Do give me the capacity to please You in Your own Way sleeplessly and breathlessly.

"My child, My Dream-Flower-child and my Reality-Fragrance-child, your willingness-heart is your capacity. Your willingness-heart is My Smile, My only Smile."

My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme, today You are our Golden Boat. Tomorrow You will be our Golden Shore.