Question: In running it is helpful to have a coach. Do we also need a coach for inner running?

Sri Chinmoy: If I want to learn how to sprint, I need a teacher. I may be inspired to run, but if someone has not taught me how to run properly, how to take long strides, how to move my hands and so forth, then naturally I will not be able to run fast. If I want to do anything on earth, I need a teacher to show me the best possible way. It is a matter of how fast I want to go. In the spiritual life I can stumble, I can walk or I can run the fastest. When I have a Master, I can run the fastest because he offers me his own inner strength, protection, concern and compassion and God's Light.

While running, one has to run in a particular lane. If a runner is constantly changing lanes, then he will be disqualified, for he is disturbing others and there will be a calamity. For inner running also, there is the necessity of a particular lane, a particular path. In the spiritual life, one must choose a path. Otherwise, if one is constantly changing his path — today this path, tomorrow that path, the day after some other path — then he is only confusing matters and he will not be able to run fast.